Pity love

/January 2022

"Unfortunate Love" is the theme song of the Taiwanese film "Back to Where Love Begins". It was composed by the composer Huang Jian, the director Lin Xiaoqian wrote the lyrics, and Yang Naiwen, the first girl on rock and roll, sang with love. It was originally included in the original soundtrack of the movie "Back to the Place Where Love Begins" ", and was later included in Yang Naiwen's own album "Timequake Concert Live Record".

Since you left, the time it left me

Give me loneliness, the beautiful name is freedom

Slowly become a missing beast

It eats me and feeds me

If time can go backwards like this

Would you find me easier

Give me a key to release that loneliness

Then hold hands and don't look back

It's a pity that love is only my unilateral feeling

Difficult climate

Love how to stay in your heart

Become permanent

The reason to miss you

Wounds about to heal

These are my humblest happiness

I say

It's a pity that love is only my unilateral feeling

Difficult climate

Love how to stay in your heart

Become permanent

Love is just my unilateral feeling

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How to tell

Love, how can I make you stay still

Be you and me

Summer afternoon, winter street

A place where you might meet again

These are the moments I miss the most

Love Love Love Love

As the theme song of "Back to Where Love Begins", "It's a Pity Love" invites Yang Naiwen, the Chinese "Girl Rock's First Person", to open her voice and add the icing on the cake. Since his debut in 1997, Yang Naiwen has established his position in the Chinese music scene step by step with his superb singing skills and creative talents. "Elegant voice" and "evokes the deepest emotions in my heart" are the deep impressions of Yang Naiwen by director Lin Xiaoqian as a music fan. From the very beginning of creating "Sorrowful Love", he has identified the singer as a singer and is still doing words and utterances. Dedicated research. Although well prepared, director Lin Xiaoqian, who knows Yang Naiwen's requirements for song quality is greater than sincerity, is still very worried, and Yang Naiwen is busy taking care of his seriously ill father, he did not dare to hold out much hope. After three days of anxiety, director Lin Xiaoqian received the news of Yang Naiwen's acceptance of the song, and was so touched that he found the best interpreter for "Unfortunate Love".