Sometimes love

/January 2022

"Sometimes in Love" is a song written and composed by Yan Xixuan, and Shang Wenjie sang it in the album "The Love Song" released by Shang Wenjie in 2013. At the same time, this song is the theme song of the movie "Break Up the Contract".

A good night sleep at ease

Look at your face quietly

I recall with satisfaction

There are too many splendid today

I want to keep it in my mind

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So this is happiness


Have been around for years

If you haven't been crazy

How to reap the ordinary is happiness

Love turbulent sometimes

Love is separated sometimes

I understand love, I can't come and go

Don't let go if you can hold hands

Please don't be too sentimental

The night will not be too long

I hope I can see you tomorrow

I heard you say good morning

"Sometimes in Love" is a theme song tailored by the music creator Yan Xixuan for the film "The Contract Breaking Up". The creative inspiration comes from the delicate and deep emotions of the heroes and heroines in "The Contract Breaking Up". Once on the day of recording this song, which happened to be the second day of the "I am a Singer" competition, Shang Wenjie still insisted on recording despite her physical illness. She carefully figured out her feelings before the official recording, and constantly adjusted her voice during the recording process. After listening repeatedly to modify. "Sometimes in Love" is a song with a heavy feeling of time. It points to all those who have had emotional ups and downs. It conveys the common aspirations of all those who have been in love. Sometimes, all people can do is to give with all their hearts. Although they hope to achieve positive results in their hearts, they can only go with the flow. What they do now is just to create memories for the future.