Waiting for the ring finger

/October 2021

"Waiting for the Ring Finger" was released on the Internet on April 18, 2009. The original version was sung by Tan Xinyi. The song is about a sad story about a broken-hearted lonely woman who wants to wait for her lover to put her wedding ring on.

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I once sang for you

The cold wind caught me

Fly to the sea against the wind

Just because you called

Wandering alone on the edge of the cliff

I'm still walking in confusion

Tears blur my sight

I feel warm when I burn my face

Will I never cry again if I leave?

We can't look back

Does nostalgia only hurt each other

In the end, I'm the only one left

At this fork in the road

The ring finger of the left hand waiting

Stranded in the sea of love

If one day ignores whoever pays, who hurts

Will you remember my eyes again


In the end, I'm the only one left

At this fork in the road

Waiting for the left ring finger

Stranded in the sea of love

If you are destined, see you in the next life

The moment the rain fell

Will you remember to be attached to you again

"Waiting for the Ring Finger" is an online song, a very beautiful name, you can know it by looking at the name, it is a sad song, the singer's unique voice, coupled with a slow rhythm, a soft soundtrack, the song is very vivid , It’s very nice. After listening to it many times, I suddenly realized that I didn’t dare to listen to this song, because the more I listened, the more sad it became.